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what if we all spent a portion of each day sharing our light with the world?

July 15, 2007 at 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Michael Smoler will be setting up a healing arts center
on Sunday, July 15, from 10am - 8pm

He will be offering:

tarot readings
reiki sessions
guided meditations
aura cleansing
art therapy sessions (vision boards, craft counseling, channel drawing)

the cost is $25 per service
with discounts on multiple services offered

He will also be selling some of his own hand-made tarot-inspired collages

Tarot cards by Michael Smoler

Smoler ambience

Smoler spell

Healing Center

Instrument Buildathon

July 6, 2007

Moisten your ears and prepare yourself for a high-volume of instrument-building information and activity! Stephen van Dyck and Eric Lindley have organized a four-part series of events for this very purpose. No previous instrument experience necessary; we’re here to fill in the gaps. Here’s the itinerary:

July 3 - Scrap Trip.

Our instrument building starts with a hunt for materials. We’ll take you to several scrapyards around the San Fernando Valley, introducing you to metal, wood, trash and et cetera. That’s right, you needed us to bring you to trash, especially because we’ll end with an optional dumpster picnic possibly hosted by Eric’s sister. If you join in on the carpool, you will benefit not only from being green, but also from the in-car instrument building discussions, where vast knowledge and advice on the topic will be exchanged by your new elites.

July 6 - Telic Buildathon.

Top Notch Team Teach! Fun Skill Flex Tests the Mettle Best!
Eloquent teachers from around (a very specific part of) the globe convene to share their experiences in building sounding objects and to guide you in constructing your own new musical object. From singing circuits to arcane bellowing tubes, these experts have got it all covered. Bring your own materials, or choose from hand-picked garbage! There will be tables and tables of this stuff, so don’t worry about it if you show up without your favorite cuckoo. Entrance to Telic is free, although we highly persuade you to give us a little sumthin sumthin. Donors’ names will be organized on a very large wall into a caste system of “circles” based on the amount they give. You could end up in the affectionate “fishin’ buddy” circle or the elegant “platinum serpentines of heaven” circle based on your generosity. And if you don’t donate, well, we even have a circle for people like you.

Tables o junk

Chair springy instrument

Circuit bending demo

Donor wall circles thing

July 8 - Chas Smith’s house.

(Date of this event subject to change.) Chas Smith is a Los Angeles-based composer, performer, instrument designer and builder who, in the spirit of Harry Partch, creates much of his music for his own exotic instruments. His compositions, which always display his dualistic fascination with the scientific and the sensual, might owe their split personalities to the diverse collection of composers he studied with in the 1970s: Morton Subotnick, Mel Powell, James Tenney and Harold Budd. (text from his online bio at Cold Blue Music)
The sheer awesomeness of Chas Smith’s instruments prohibits their easy transfer to and from his estate. However, in a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those select participants who receive this e-mail, choose to join in the fun and figure out some kind of carpooling situation with us, you can experience firsthand the intrigue, the danger, and the glory of these creations in their natural habitat.

See! His completed instruments, and listen to their exotic, impossible tones!
Observe! Works in progress and aborted plans that oddly didn’t pan out so much!
Listen! To his advice for upstart instrument-builders who dare to work with nature’s most mysterious element: metal!

July 20 - Telic concert.

By this point we’ve made you eat trash, enslaved you to an instrument sweatshop and introduced you to a real-deal builder/composer to remind you of your faults. Hopefully you’ve picked up a lot of creative ideas, and now that we’ve tamed your primitive, pedestrian and unruly minds to the elite intellectual etiquette of instrument building, it’s time to show off the new you. We encourage instruments that excel beyond craft; for instance, you might want your instrument performance to involve text, film, audience participation, barometric pressure, dominoes, old tapes of antebellum Rosie O’Donnell, feedback, birdfeed, owl pellets, live vomiting, you name it! The more creative, the better. If you’re certain you’ll participate, let us know in advance and we can include your name in the advertising. The donating system will be up again, and this time we’re hoping your “big spender” cousins and uncles and grandmothers are coming.

Give either of us an e-mail or call for specific times and if you want to carpool, or if you can’t come to the scrapyards and have a material request, or if you need any other information. We hope you’ll be joining us soon!

Stephen and Eric.

Stephen van Dyck -
Eric Lindley -

Stephen van Dyck and Eric Lindley are MFA students at CalArts in the Experimental Sound Practices, Creative Writing and Integrated Media programs.

The Fundraising Show

June 21, 2007 8:00 pm to July 21, 2007

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In the 30 days between June 21 and July 21, a different artist (almost) each day will use TELIC’s gallery to make money. This is both an exhibition and a fundraiser - the artists are conceiving installations, performances, lectures, and other schemes; and the money they earn is split 25/75 with TELIC (an inverse of the typical non-profit commission).

Although arts organizations and artists spend a lot of time thinking about money, it is an issue that’s largely absent from our programming, and artistic practice in general. This exhibition, however, will bring private financial concerns to the front, into the aesthetic experience of the gallery space.

$0  $2,500   $3,000  

Even if you are unable to make it to the show, we hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible donation at

THU, JUNE 21 - ANNA OXYGEN hosts a Grandma-themed dessert auction
FRI, JUNE 22 - HELEN CAHNG + COURTNEY STRICKLIN install a dollar donation wall
SAT, JUNE 23 - BENJAMIN BRATTON opens a Wii golf range
SUN, JUNE 24 - DAVIS & DAVIS answer questions about Sexology, Ufology, and Parapsychology
THU, JUNE 28 - XARENE ESKANDAR shows and sells her VJ book
FRI, JUNE 29 - PASCUAL SISTO makes video portraits of donors
SAT, JUNE 30 - FERNANDO SANCHEZ + SEAN DOCKRAY sell downloaded art bootlegs
THU, JULY 5 - NOT A SPEAKEASY + OSMAN KHAN sell, raffle and baffle you with artist mixCDs and host an afterparty!
FRI, JULY 6 - ERIC LINDLEY + STEPHEN  VAN DYCK hold an instrument building workshop
SAT, JULY 7 - S.E BARNET + HILLARY MUSHKIN sell lemonade (and lemonade stand signs)
TUE, JULY 10 - PETER CHO interprets your name as an interactive animation
WED, JULY 11 - ED COOLIDGE designs a new donation box
THU, JULY 12 - HUGO HOPPING makes a special presentation of a limited edition
FRI, JULY 13 - CHI-WANG YANG organizes a quiz night
SAT, JULY 14 - SHANA LUTKER  sells old newspapers
SUN, JULY 15 - MICHAEL SMOLER operates an arts healing center
MON, JULY 16 - THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF NUTS + BOLTS presents “Human Jukebox”
WED, JULY 18 - AMAR RAVVA  gives on-the-spot Vastu consultations
THU, JULY 19 - CASEY REAS + CHANDLER MCWILLIAMS give a lecture and workshop
FRI, JULY 20 - ERIC LINDLEY + STEPHEN VAN DYCK host a concert from the instrument building workshop
SAT, JULY 21 - ANGIE WALLER is to be determined

Later in the summer, TELIC will host a public presentation with the artists to ask how The Fundraising Show worked as a fundraiser and how it worked as an exhibition. AAAARG.ORG will also present a conversation at TELIC about Art & Work, which will take shape at

Some re-enaction links

HEATHER BURSCH : The Singer Not the Song

February 4, 2007 6:00 pm to February 25, 2007

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Heather Bursch’s three screen projection, The Singer Not the Song, uses custom software to convert video into virtual, automated stadium card displays. Video of her hands moving a 15” X 20” red card to catch a range of light values is presented in a 32 X 32 grid format. The cards animate video from pre-rendered sources, referring to the card animations that celebrate unified vision in the stadiums of totalitarian states and at sporting events in the US. The mediating structure of the individual cards, as well as the moving images they collectively animate, highlight the relationship between group identity and an individual self.
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February 4, 2007 at 5:00 pm

Second Straight Super Society of the Spectacle

This is our second annual simultaneous screening of the “Society of the Spectacle” (1973) & the Super Bowl (live). There will be a halftime show with Anna Oxygen performing, and videos from Heather Bursch (”The Singer Not the Song”) and Javier Morales & John Michael Boling (”The Church of the Future”). French fare and American snacks will be available all day.

Heather Bursch’s three-channel video installation, “The Singer Not the Song,” will be exhibited from February 4 until February 25.

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