TROYANO Collective

May 24, 2007 at 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm

The Chilean Collective TROYANO will present their recent bilingual publication, Art and Digital Culture, at Telic Arts Exchange on May 24th. TROYANO’s presentation will be introduced by Eduardo Navas.

Thursday, May 24th, 7:30–10 PM
Telic Arts Exchange
975 Chung King Road
L.A. 90012

TROYANO is an artist collective from Chile that formed in 2005 to do interdisciplinary research on art and digital culture.

For their presentation at Telic, TROYANO’s members will discuss their past projects that made possible their recent publication.

The contributors to Art and Digital Culture include artists and theorists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, and the U.S. This publication grew out of two major conferences TROYANO organized in 2005 and 2006 with the support of the Spanish Cultural Center and the Museum of Contemporary art in Santiago, Chile: Elena (2005) and Updating, Art and Technology (2006).

An interview with members of TROYANO:

TROYANO’s members are Alejandro Albornoz, Ignacio Nieto, Italo Tello and Ricardo Vega

Alejandro Albornoz (Chile) Studied Fine Arts, in the Metropolitan University of Education and Science; he also studied Photography in the school of art and photography of Chile, earning a degree of Fine Art Photography, accredited by the Free Lance Photographers Association of the United States. Between 2004 and 2005, he studied acousmatic composition in Santiago. His music has been performed in Colombia, Argentina, China and Chile. He works as a teacher in photography and audiovisuals in Santiago. Since 1999 he has been developing projects under the name Mankacen. Autodidactic musician at first, he has composed music for drama, dance, film and multimedia pieces. In 2004, he joined the Electroacoustic Community of Chile,

Ignacio Nieto (Chile) Artist, writer, designer, coder, and curator. Nieto is devoted to investigate strategies that make possible technological devices, which incorporate interfaces: data, that comes from different sources is recontextualized in a critical form. Nieto utilizes the Internet as a tool for investigation and exchange between different artists, coders, activists, curators and writers who contribute to projects which find forms in exhibitions, seminars, conferences, as well as computer hardware and software.

Italo Tello (Chile) Studied Fine Arts in ARCIS University, and Cultural Management and Aministration in Santo Tomás University. Tello
organizes and exhibits actively since 2001 in several galleries and cultural centers in Chile. He has participated in some international events related to digital, electronic and audio visual art.

Ricardo Vega (Chile) Designer and artist, member of the Ergocomics collective. He has participated in several art, design and electronic media events, such as OFFF (Valencia, 2004), and Festival 404 (Rosario, Argentina, 2004); Vega has been invited to participate in editorial projects, like the PLACE book (Vasava, Spain, 2004), Fontmonster (UK, 2005), and PBHP (France, 2005). He has also participated in the management and production of various events, such as FlashAttack (Chile, 2004), the Buro Destruct visit (April, 2004), Seminary of Contemporary Art Visions and Crossovers (Cultural Center of Spain, Chile, 2005). He is currently interested in the interdisciplinary crossroads between art, design and sciences.

TROYANO’s presentations in Southern California are made possible by
the joint efforts of :
Telic Arts Exchange,
The UCLA Latin American Center & and
the interdisciplinary working group
Visiones: Art & Activism in the Americas
Center for Research in Computing in the Arts at CALIT2 and
UCSD Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies

The publication of Art & Digital Culture and Troyano’s travel arrangements are made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Chilean government.