Natalie Jeremijenko - A Game Goose

September 11, 2004 at 6:00 pm
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An aquatic robotic goose allows you to approach and interact with actual non simulated geese in situ. These biological geese are fully unpredictable and capable of exceedingly rude, challenging and interesting behavior. You are invited to pilot the robotic goose, play with, follow, and attempt communication with the other geese. Try various goose calls and your own goose imitations for your mutual cultural enrichment. See if you can persuade the geese you are worth talking to. If you succeed in any meaningful interaction upload your interpretations.  See Video []

Goosing–playing goose–uses repurposed hunting decoys for a technology of approach and reciprocity. This robotic goose interface is part of OOZ, a zoo backwards and without cages. This project produces technological interfaces to facilitate interaction and re-script human non-human relationships.

* In hunting terms GAME, as in, wild animals, birds, or fish hunted for food or sport, implies similar scripts of interaction to those used in computer games, as in, first person shooters. Yet GAME also manages to retain a certain ready-and-willingness, as in “game for a swim”. This project retrieves some of these less played games into the telic imagination.

Installation view