Ed Coolidge - Machine Eye View

October 29, 2005 6:00 pm to December 2, 2005

Ed Coolidge installation view
In this work,  appliances and machines are altered, so that their intended uses are drained or bypassed.

Using video loops or feeds, these machines look back at themselves, monitoring, inspecting and displaying their own reasons for being.

Machine Eye View is the first solo exhibition for Ed Coolidge in Los Angeles. At Telic, he will present a new large-scale installation — made specifically to interact with the architecture of the gallery — along with two earlier pieces.

“Air Carrier Inspection” consists of approximately 200 feet of pneumatic PVC tube pieced together to form a loop that will transport a small video camera throughout. A live video feed from within this endless circuit is wirelessly conveyed to a video projection. In “Burning House” a stainless steel fire extinguisher has been modified to hold a small video screen and DVD player. The video playing is looped and cross-dissolved, so that a house inside burns endlessly. The third piece, “VCR Records Itself Recording” is installed in the project room. A small camera is placed inside a VCR, pointed right at the record head then connected into the VCR, which records the signal and sends it to a monitor, showing the VCR recording itself recording.

Edward Coolidge was born in Boston and lives and works in Los Angeles. After receiving BA in Literature from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, he moved to Los Angeles in 1998 and received a MFA from the Art Department at CalArts in 2001. In addition to three solo shows at CalArts, Ed has participated in several group shows in Los Angeles area.

Ed Coolidge video stills