Dinner Theater Night #2

July 13, 2008 at 7:00 pm

Sorry, both Dinner Theater Nights are full!

“This evening will explore privilege, exclusivity and economy, by requiring attendants to bring a delicious dish (potluck style) as an entrance fee, which will then get “redistributed” by our food servers as a five-course meal. Much like the previous evening, (but with some twists and turns), we will similarly explore eating rituals, formalities and traditions. The meal will be a surprise to everyone and performances will be scattered throughout the night. This evening is FREE if you sign up in advance () & commit to bringing a dish to contribute towards the group meal. There are limited seats for this event so sign up now! Donations will be requested for drinks.”
- Tamala Poljak and Anna Oxygen

Performers for this evening:
sarah paul ocampo
mecca vazie andrews
cathy de la cruz
steve gregoropoulos
the all girl comb choir
lindsay beamish
david p earle
paloma parfrey
claire mckeown
john hogan
katie shook w/ eric lindley

About the performers:

sarah paul ocampo is an artist and musician. she is the creator of advanced beginner, a rock cabaret act, the director of the all girl comb choir and a founding member of the literary performing arts group the typing explosion. sarah paul will be hosting the dinner theater on july 12 & 13. rumour has it she will don a new costume for every dish served.

mecca vazie andrews’ film and stage credits include RENT, mtv movie awards, hysterica dance company, commonality dance company, grammy’s with david la chapelle, sony industrials, vh1’s showgirl bootcamp, american apparel. she recently completed work on the disney film, bedtime stories starring adam sandler. mecca can been seen in the february 2008 issue of dance spirit with hysterica dance company. her work is spoken very highly of in street scene and arthur magazine. mecca has been was interviewed by loudmouth magazine for her performance troupe the movement MOVEMENT. she choreographed singer/songwriter eleni mandell’s video dis moi and completed a collaboration with ‘a family finds entertainment’ director ryan trecartin for his most recent film ‘i be area’ in which she also performs. she premiered her piece, home of the noble at the john anson ford ampitheatre for hysterica dance companies, hysterica x. mecca is pleased to call this her second occasion working with LACDC. her first being modern myths and monsters this past spring in which she created a contemporary ballet, the wagon train Is divided. mecca vazie andrews teaches contemporary jazz at edge performing arts center, creative movement at gramercy park and jazz 3 at loyola marymount university. mecca will be performing at the dinner theater july 12 & 13.

steve gregoropoulos. born new london, connecticut. studied with charles whittenberg, dick strawser and richard hoffmann, plays in lavender diamond & w.a.c.o., writes classical music for working people, makes pop records & produces records, arranges for various good people like devon williams & moon upstairs. believes composing and performing should be regular manual labor. steve & others will be performing at the dinner theater july 12 & 13.

the all girl comb choir. sarah paul ocampo is the mastermind behind and features erin smith, jessica pregnolato, andromeda dunker, julie g, sara forrest and other girls from the neighborhood, playing popular rock music on the comb, fly swatter, magazine, bottles and buckets. inspired by the field recordings of alan lomax in 1959 and the desire to create art out of the everyday. the all girl comb choir has played at kreiling and dodd and the hyperion tavern and most recently performed the national anthem for the los angeles roller derby. they will be performing some songs at the dinner theater july 12 & 13.

lindsay beamish is an actress, dancer, artist, and writer living in los angeles. As an actress, she has worked with noted directors such as john cameron mitchell, miranda july, and crispin glover. she had a lead role in mitchell’s film shortbus, which premiered at the 2006 cannes film festival, and garnered cast nominations in noted venues, including the gotham film festival. her dance company, the leg and pants dans theatre, for which she is the primary choreographer, recently completed a tour with the acclaimed band deerhoof, and has performed at such venues/events as the knitting factory (nyc and la), the bowery ballroom, ladyfest san francisco, and arthur ball los angeles. as an experimental filmmaker, her work has been shown at the south by southwest film festival, the new york underground film festival, and released on dvd by indie stalwart record label kill rock stars. as a writer, her work has appeared in a number of underground publishing contexts, and has recently been issued in a compilation by aaron cometbus. lindsay will be doing some mysterious performance at the dinner theater july 12 & 13.

cathy de la cruz is a filmmaker, animator, writer, zine-maker and dj currently living south of los angeles. cathy has summer plans to work on her animated MFA film, teach young women how to make movies, screen her films, dj some art openings, give some readings, help with some film festivals, teach a college class on science fiction films, travel a whole bunch and go to the beach a lot. cathy has been an assistant to filmmaker hal hartley and writer, eileen myles. every week, she co-hosts a feminist film review podcast, called show me your titles which can be found at www.showmeyourtitles.com cathy will be reading at the dinner theater july 12 &13.

claire mckeown was born years ago in belfast, northern ireland. she emigrated to los angeles back in the regan years and for some reason has remained here. she must like it or something. she has been studying and performing opera for the last 14 years, but recently, after what can only be described as a total mental breakdown (possibly just a nervous break down… she’s been known to exaggerate), started to compose her own music. currently she is melding her two favorite musical worlds, opera and rock n roll, in two projects afternoons and dirt bird. claire will be performing “a few of the best songs in the entire world, ever” at the dinner theater july 12 & 13.

david p. earle is an artist and writer living in los angeles. he will be performing his piece “back story” at the dinner theater july 12-13. “back story” is either a play or a short story or a radio drama.

john p. hogan is a los angeles-based artist whose work takes shape primarily in drawing and performance. recently, hogan performed a one-man show entitled *friars and bacchae in conflict* at david patton los angeles. he is currently working on recording and mixing the soundtrack for *the Island of florida: a foundation myth*; a musical written with his art-rock band, ponce de leon. in the fall he plans to write and perform in a weekly live musical mini-series to at machine project in echo park. hogan´s work, be it performance, rock opera, or drawing, regularly deals with issues of imperialism, colonization, and sexual repression, usually from the point of view of those being imperialist and doing the colonizing and repressing. john will be performing “writing the memoir”, the opening number from the island of florida: a foundation myth, a musical written with his band, ponce de leon at the dinner theater july 12 & 13.