Christopher Curtin - Suspending Disbelief

May 28, 2005 6:00 pm to July 2, 2005

Installation view

Christopher Curtin’s installation, Suspending Disbelief, explores the phenomenological possibilities of video by stretching the medium into a third dimension, depth. As projected video is essentially a flat medium, certain experiences are unattainable in viewing a two-dimensional surface: Suspending Disbelief allows us to see “into” a video projection, extending our experience of vision.

In the installation rotating “blades” nine feet in diameter, made of specially coated cast aluminum form a sculptural foreground-screen and create a very large custom-made fan. These blades turn at a variable velocity before a flat screen such that video of our atmosphere, when projected onto these surfaces, flickers between foreground and background screens. Viewers interpret these pulses of video in the way that we experience the world around us: as a deep field of visual sensations. As the blades speed up or slow down we experience this installation physically as well, as a large gale wind is produced and flows over our bodies in a mixture of air and flickering images. .

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