Christian Moeller - Heaven

January 22, 2005 at 6:00 pm

Christian Moeller
Preview of the upcoming exhibition at Frederieke Taylor gallery in New York (February 11 - March 12). In “Heaven” - Christian Moeller’s series of 13 fluorescent light works - blinding typography is produced by bitmapped graphics casting shadows on very bright backgrounds.

Christian Moeller, is a pioneering artist in the design of interactive architectural and media installations. Bridging art and architecture, his work is informed by emergent digital media and how these media have transformed the landscapes of experience across multiple scales. Working with sound, light, weather conditions, motions, and human emotions, Moeller creates spaces that are responsive and manipulable.

He founded his own studio and media laboratory in 1990 in Frankfurt and in 2001 moved his practice to Los Angeles where he now lives and works. Lars Müller Publishers recently published “A Time and Place, Media Architecture”, a monograph on Moeller’s work from 1991 - 2003.