Angie Waller’s Video of the Andy Warhol Robot

Video still of Andy Warhol robot, Angie Waller

The final project of The Fundraising Show

Angie Waller’s video is documentation of the Andy Warhol robot designed by Alvaro Villa shortly before Warhol’s death. The robot was to be used in a stage show titled “Andy Warhol: A No Man Show,” based on Warhol’s books, “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again)” and “Exposures.” Production of the robot was cancelled after Warhol’s death.

The robot is now twenty years old and its outdated technology positions it between the realms of uncanny and absurd. Mr. Villa demonstrates the four possible functions available on the robot’s controller and the animatron eerily plays back Warhol’s muffled pre-recorded responses:“I don’t know” and “I can stare without blinking for 15 minutes.” Although the technological sophistication does not surpass that of Chuck E. Cheese, the countenance of this robot has the feel of a séance with the departed.

Download Angie Waller’s video (2:56, 17.4MB Quicktime movie) for a donation of $15 to TELIC Arts Exchange.

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