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Mystery Picnic Cafe & Closing Performances

July 19, 2008 at 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Modeled after cafes in the Pacific Northwest D.I.Y. communities and historically referencing prohibition speakeasies, the cafe will use word of mouth to draw participants to a donation based picnic café, set up in and outside of TELIC. Paloma Parfrey will be recreating traditional picnic foods while Katie Byron reinvents what a picnic means through an installation. There will be performances throughout the day and into the evening evening. Donations will be requested for drinks. Performances will begin at 6pm.

Performers for this event:
christina billotte with laura lazarus
david scott stone
horse thieves (alex maslansky & brie turner o’banion)
jackson baugh
big swell (a performance by sam cooper)

About the performers:

christina billotte. best known for her bands autoclave, slant 6 and quixotic. she will be performing with laura lazarus at mystery picnic cafe july 19, 4-9pm.

david scott stone (sometimes referred to as sir dss) is a musician who has recorded and toured with the melvins, unwound, fantômas, the locust, jello biafra, keiji haino, mike patton, adam jones (tool), merzbow, masonna, big business, no age, joe lally and others. recently, (2007-2008) dss has released a record of all modular synthesizer music on “plays the modular synthesizer”, toured italy with joe lally (fugazi) and the sads, is working on a record with anna oxygen, formed the project the sads in early 2007 with musicians aaron rose, dan monick and aska matsumiya. sir dss will be performing at the mystery picnic cafe on july 19, 4-9pm

jackson baugh has been contributing to Los Angeles’ punk underground since a teenager. the guitarist for notorious bands like silver daggers and soddamn inssein, he has also found time for displaying his visual arts, reading his writing and of course the art of pissing on authority with his social activism amongst other things. he will be reading one of his many stories that circumnavigate excess, imaginary friends and procrastination at the mystery picnic cafe july 19, 4-9pm.

big swell is sound from the fourth dimension, channeled by two white octopuses. hail! performance by sam cooper, reel-to-reel, moog, 4-track at the mystery picnic cafe july 19, 4-9pm.

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Conversations That Never Happened

June 28, 2008 6:00 pm to July 19, 2008

Conversations plate

Tamala Poljak and Anna Oxygen have organized an exhibition that incorporates photography, performance, installation, food, and video within various forms of collective consumption - two nights of dinner theater, a temporary cafe, simultaneous TV dinners.

The point of departure for “Conversations That Never Happened” is a series of 200 photographic portraits that Poljak made in her kitchen while dining individually with her friends and neighbors. As a group, the photographs might remind us of “friend lists” on MySpace and Facebook, where sociality is expressed in serial form (as a grid of pictures or a list of comments and testimonials). Do these grids and lists refer to communities? And if so, how do communities relate to their own representations? Over the next few weeks, many of the people depicted in the portraits will be animated through the exhibition: they will eat dinner at TELIC; they will perform as dancers, writers, actors, magicians, comedians…; they will prepare and serve food.

At the opening reception on Saturday, the artists will be serving custom-made pancakes (with shapes made to order!) and fancy drinks; David Scott Stone will do a 3 hour ambient set.

Over the next three weeks:

July 9 - TV Dinner Night
July 12 - Dinner Theater Night #1
July 13 - Dinner Theater Night #2
July 19 - Mystery Picnic Cafe & Closing Performances

Participating artists and performers include: The All Girl Comb Choir, Mecca Vazie Andrews, Jackson Baugh, Lindsay Beamish, Big Swell (Sam Cooper), Christina Billotte, Katie Byron, Cathy de la Cruz, David P Earle, Steve Gregoropoulos, John Hogan, Horse Thieves (Alex Maslansky & Brie Turner O’Banion), Laura Lazarus, Eric Lindley, Claire Mckeown, Sarah Paul Ocampo, Anna Oxygen, Paloma Parfrey, Tamala Poljak, Katie Shook, Becky Stark, David Scott Stone, Tara Tavi, Christopher Wonder.
[ about the artists ]

For the most up to date details, see

To purchase photographs by Tamala Poljak, [ click here ].

The Public School open house

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The Public School opened at TELIC with an open house/ orientation and a Richtfest. There have been almost 80 classes proposed with more than 300 people signing up, which is partly due to an article in the LA Weekly, written by Holly Willis about the project last week.

Public and Private Stages

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The nude is a notoriously hackneyed art subject, but it was still something of a surprise that several galleries in Chinatown - almost all of which opened on September 8 - had shows featuring naked (or nearly) people. Amy Bessone’s show at David Kordansky has several large paintings, which turn out to be paintings of photographs of nude porcelain figurines from auction catalogues. The press release refers to an interaction between the work and the viewer, who must “weather” a confrontation with naughty bits. Next door to TELIC at Black Dragon Society, Steve Canaday made several colorful, cartoony paintings of women in bikinis with beer, pets, and chubby thighs.

Finally, at TELIC Miguel Angel Reyes solicited audience members to come on stage and pose in a way that was physically revealing. Some spread their legs, others flashed undergarments, and a surprising number just let the flesh all hang out - all in exchange for the drawing of the session made by Reyes. This is Los Angeles, but I have to reiterate a mild astonishment that members of the general public were willing to do this - well, not pose nude so much as do it on a public stage while audience members shot camera phone photos and videos of the spectacle. Interestingly, Amy Bessone (according to Kordansky’s press release) asks what happens as we stop thinking in terms of the “male gaze” and instead turn the gaze upon ourselves?

Jordan Crandall is asking the same question in his exhibition, I think, but in a very different way. Perhaps one of the strangest things about the drawing session was how not awkward it was. It’s not that the publicly stages erotic figure drawings inverted the gaze - the audience members watching and snapping photos refute that I think - but the quotidian feeling of it all make us think about what we (see other people) do online. And so in the back space, Jordan spent the opening interviewing people one-on-one, trying to get them to confess. While the space was private, the session was obviously filmed and the footage was sent in real-time to a television next to the front door of the gallery. In other words, the inversion was there, in the private, but connected back space - the obverse of the public stage.

I won’t go too far into it, but I was also interested in the performative aspect of it all. Both artists, Jordan and Miguel had personal, intimate exchanges with their subjects, producing an experience rather than an object. Footage from the opening will be screening on the television at the front of the space for the duration of Showing.

See also: Continuous and Discontinuous Being by Georges Bataille

what if we all spent a portion of each day sharing our light with the world?

July 15, 2007 at 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Michael Smoler will be setting up a healing arts center
on Sunday, July 15, from 10am - 8pm

He will be offering:

tarot readings
reiki sessions
guided meditations
aura cleansing
art therapy sessions (vision boards, craft counseling, channel drawing)

the cost is $25 per service
with discounts on multiple services offered

He will also be selling some of his own hand-made tarot-inspired collages

Tarot cards by Michael Smoler

Smoler ambience

Smoler spell

Healing Center

Chung King Road Supper

July 8, 2007 at 6:00 pm

Special Menu prepared by Duc Pham - Via Cafe & Blossom (

With Chinatown Stories dinnerware by Steven Y. Wong

Enjoy the delicious meal and share your Chinatown Stories

Chinatown Stories Dinnerware was featured in the Los Angeles Times West Magazine in December 2006. Originally part of an installation in Philadelphia’s Chinatown, the dishes capture stories of Chinatown and were featured in several Chinatown restaurants.

$20 for dinner
$40 for dinner plus a plate

Plates will also be sold individually the night of the event for $25.

Please RSVP to by Friday, July 6. If you cannot make it, but would like to donate to TELIC click here:

Postcard by Steve Wong


Plate by Steve Wong, Food by Duc Pham

Human Jukebox

July 16, 2007

Human Jukebox
Monday, July 16, 2007
1-4pm and 6-9pm PST

The Royal Academy of Nuts + Bolts performs karaoke on demand, in person at the gallery or streamed live over the internet.

How it works:
1. Look at the song list.
2. Donate $5 per request via the PayPal link below.

What song do you want?

3. Songs will be performed in the order of receipt of request/ donation confirmation.
4. Watch performance here, on the Human Jukebox webpage, or at

Please note:
* It can take up to 20 minutes for requests to be processed by PayPal.
* Songs requested before live broadcast will be performed when broadcast begins.
* Not all song files work: If the file you choose is corrupt, you will be asked to pick another song (no refunds)
* This is karaoke, not professional: The song will be performed with gusto, but possibly very little skill

Human Jukebox on screen

Human Jukeboxes

Human Jukebox

Pirates and Hustlers

June 30, 2007 12:00 pm to July 1, 2007

Fernando Sanchez and Sean Dockray present “Pirates and Hustlers” from Saturday June 30 - July 01, 2007, in front of TELIC Gallery. Noon to 6pm on both days.

Fernando Sanchez will be exhibiting and selling “Los Angeles Bootlegs”: photographs downloaded from the current exhibitions of Los Angeles art galleries web pages. In addition, he will be selling the art list of all the galleries and their corresponding images.

Sean Dockray will be selling dvd’s of art videos downloaded off the internet by some of the greatest artists of all time for $8. Each video is limited to an edition of 8 with the price doubling on each sale, going up to $1,024.

Pirates and Hustlers and the Sunday Dim Sum crowd

Pirates and Hustlers making money money

Pirates and Hustlers outside Telic



Wii Golf Range

June 23, 2007 at 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

A round of Wii golf will cost $5 from noon to 6pm. The person with the lowest score wins 50% of the total collected from all players. In the event of a tie, players have the option of splitting the winnings or engaging in a winner-take-all playoff at 7pm.

wii golf tournament

Davis & Davis Answer Your Questions

June 24, 2007 at 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

From 12 to 4 on Sunday, June 24, Davis & Davis will be answering your questions ($1 per question) about Sexology, Ufology, and Parapsychology.

Update: Davis & Davis have continued answering your questions (for free) on YouTube. Click here to watch or here to ask a question.

Davis & davis - a question

Davis & Davis - an answer

Davis & Davis - research materials

The Fundraising Show

June 21, 2007 8:00 pm to July 21, 2007

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In the 30 days between June 21 and July 21, a different artist (almost) each day will use TELIC’s gallery to make money. This is both an exhibition and a fundraiser - the artists are conceiving installations, performances, lectures, and other schemes; and the money they earn is split 25/75 with TELIC (an inverse of the typical non-profit commission).

Although arts organizations and artists spend a lot of time thinking about money, it is an issue that’s largely absent from our programming, and artistic practice in general. This exhibition, however, will bring private financial concerns to the front, into the aesthetic experience of the gallery space.

$0  $2,500   $3,000  

Even if you are unable to make it to the show, we hope you’ll consider making a tax-deductible donation at

THU, JUNE 21 - ANNA OXYGEN hosts a Grandma-themed dessert auction
FRI, JUNE 22 - HELEN CAHNG + COURTNEY STRICKLIN install a dollar donation wall
SAT, JUNE 23 - BENJAMIN BRATTON opens a Wii golf range
SUN, JUNE 24 - DAVIS & DAVIS answer questions about Sexology, Ufology, and Parapsychology
THU, JUNE 28 - XARENE ESKANDAR shows and sells her VJ book
FRI, JUNE 29 - PASCUAL SISTO makes video portraits of donors
SAT, JUNE 30 - FERNANDO SANCHEZ + SEAN DOCKRAY sell downloaded art bootlegs
THU, JULY 5 - NOT A SPEAKEASY + OSMAN KHAN sell, raffle and baffle you with artist mixCDs and host an afterparty!
FRI, JULY 6 - ERIC LINDLEY + STEPHEN  VAN DYCK hold an instrument building workshop
SAT, JULY 7 - S.E BARNET + HILLARY MUSHKIN sell lemonade (and lemonade stand signs)
TUE, JULY 10 - PETER CHO interprets your name as an interactive animation
WED, JULY 11 - ED COOLIDGE designs a new donation box
THU, JULY 12 - HUGO HOPPING makes a special presentation of a limited edition
FRI, JULY 13 - CHI-WANG YANG organizes a quiz night
SAT, JULY 14 - SHANA LUTKER  sells old newspapers
SUN, JULY 15 - MICHAEL SMOLER operates an arts healing center
MON, JULY 16 - THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF NUTS + BOLTS presents “Human Jukebox”
WED, JULY 18 - AMAR RAVVA  gives on-the-spot Vastu consultations
THU, JULY 19 - CASEY REAS + CHANDLER MCWILLIAMS give a lecture and workshop
FRI, JULY 20 - ERIC LINDLEY + STEPHEN VAN DYCK host a concert from the instrument building workshop
SAT, JULY 21 - ANGIE WALLER is to be determined

Later in the summer, TELIC will host a public presentation with the artists to ask how The Fundraising Show worked as a fundraiser and how it worked as an exhibition. AAAARG.ORG will also present a conversation at TELIC about Art & Work, which will take shape at

The XL Terrestrials present “The Transmigration of Cinema”

March 30, 2007 at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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A screening program ranging from art flix to mainstream movies to
guerrilla media to ubiquitous online effluvium, all presented in an open
forum theater as an interactive and self-diagnostic application that will
tell us if we are still connected to human consciousness, and how might we
still access a customized and liveable “Operating System” based on
un-programmed desires, community and individuation.
Continue reading…

The Sing Along Song and Other Surprises Show

March 21, 2007 at 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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Anna Oxygen hosts the sing along song along and other surprises show with:

the amazing Al Larsen (from Some Velvet Sidewalk, Polar Bears, etc.)
the movement MOVEMENT (dance adventure with Mecca Vazi Andrews)
Dear Nora
Tamala P. (Longstocking) and Paloma P. (Sharp Ease) (will lead us in
singing the hits!)

Games for 5 Joysticks

December 1, 2006 at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

World premiere of seven video games written explicitly for a console with 5 joysticks. The format will be something like a video screening, with each game being played for 20 minutes by anyone who wants to sit down at one of the joysticks.

Pentuby - David Bollinger
Tron - Aaron Koblin
tadpoles - Travis Kirton and Damir Kulic
pongish - Travis Kirton
reach_for_the_stars - Mattias Ljungström and Andreas Zecher
FSTR - E.R. Rattus
Story Mixer - Jeffrey Ridenour, Silvia Lindtner, Luv Sharma, and Marisa Cohn

Some of the games are original, others are modified versions of arcade classics. They deal with experimental narrative, the fine line between competition and collaboration, artificial and human intelligence, and the possibilities for fun and frustration in art.

None of the creators of these games was actually able to test it with 5 joysticks (so it will really be their world premiere!) Each of them submitted the game through an open call over the Internet.
Continue reading…

Mario’s Furniture 2 : A Mushkin-Barnet Game

October 28, 2006 6:00 pm to December 2, 2006

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Mario’s Furniture 2, an installation and interactive game, will be exhibited at TELIC Arts Exchange in Chinatown from October 28th to December 3rd. Created by artists Hillary Mushkin and S.E. Barnet, Mario’s Furniture integrates wireless technology with artistic production and performance. In most video games you just sit on the couch, but when you play Mario’s Furniture you MOVE the couch, in fact you move the whole living room!

Mario’s Furniture began in 2002 as a video installation, including a single night of performance. Four years later, Mario’s Furniture 2 - created with programmer Clay Chaplin and electronic specialist Lorin Parker - is now a wireless environment where viewers become players, physically moving objects before a relentlessly panning camera, all the while watching themselves and their scores in real time on a large-screen projection.

In Mario’s Furniture 2 the body is actualized in real and virtual space simultaneously. Players can’t merely manipulate an avatar with a joystick. Playing Mario’s Furniture involves strenuous physicality, parodying conventional video games in which avatars are put in peril while players sit on a couch. Players must physically move the couch to play the
game. Mario’s emphasizes how camera and screen effect the construction of social relationships. Players see themselves (and not a stand in) under the camera’s scrutiny, humorously mirroring the absurdity of living within the frame.

Mushkin and Barnet look at technological and narrative ways in which video and digital media unfold and complicate meaning. The game critically remarks on aesthetics and narrative boy-logic of computer games while reflecting on theories of the digitally decentered subject. The artists’ racing antics against the camera alludes to Chaplin and Keaton, Mario Brothers, Tomb Raider and the deadline pressed “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Continue reading…

Chung King Common

September 8, 2006 6:00 pm to September 9, 2006

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In the age of broadcast media, the spectator was passive and removed from systems of production. Progressives surmised that “activated” spectators would be freed from the influences and illusions produced by the few outlets for mass culture; and the Internet seemed to deliver this vision. Rather than conforming to what is offered, consumers have an enormous array of choices that reflect even the most esoteric interests. Popular fads like weblogs, MySpace, and YouTube call the traditional divisions between production and consumption into question.

While art galleries have generally continued to imitate the store from the product-based economy - offering commodities in exchange for money - popular culture, entertainment, and business have largely adapted to a participatory model, involving the consumer in some degree within the process of production, through feedback, customization, and other forms of interaction. Individuals broadcast their own videos (without calling them art), wear their social relations like jewelry, curate, remix, and redistribute existing cultural works. This confusion of production and consumption, of object and experience, runs against the grain of the art gallery, which prefers that the art experience be something quite distinct from the larger culture.

Activated spectators aren ’t as liberated as we thought they might be. The intermingling of production and consumption generates new possibilities and collectivities, but also new limits and antagonisms. TELIC Arts Exchange explores these issues through the “Chung King Common” during the month of September.

Grass - A new, temporary floor surface for TELIC.

Discotopia - An intermittent, site-specific, interactive disco.

Light Show - A new lighting system at TELIC to sequence the space.

Landscape - Recombinant cardboard units that serve multiple functions.

Wishing Well - Fundraising through optical illusion.

Synth-Rocks - Artificial rocks containing a synthesizer for environmental sound.


6 pm - open
6- 9 pm Dawn Kasper - performance - Dead Drunk
7 - 9 pm acks - sound performance - Campfire Song

Dawn Kasper - video sculpture & stills - Evil Series #18 ‘The Chase’
Andy Kopra - video - Canutillo
Tara Kozuback - video - Jump
Fernando Sanchez - video - My Bas Jan Ader
Discotopia - sound installation - by SCI-Arc students (John Ford, Dohyung Kim, Steve Kim, Ayaka Matsushita ,Coffee Polk and Richard Yoo)

11 am AAARG meeting and text trading
1 pm Guthrie Lonergan - lecture, surfing the Internet in public

2 - 6 pm Tom Leeser’s Picnic
2 pm Tom Leeser - talk on Social Interstice and the Art of the Picnic
3 pm Kelly Sears - video
3.30pm Fallen Fruit (Dave Burns, Mathias Viegener, Austin Young)
- presentation + fruit
4.30pm Andy Kopra - video
5 pm Sara Roberts - Earbie sound performance
6 pm Emily Lacy - music

8pm Albert Ortega - sound performance

Saturday’s Picnic is held in partnership with the Center for Integrated Media, CalArts

TELIC would like to thank Superior Sod for its generous grass donation, and Adam Shira from The Good Son for vinyl lettering.


Black box with grass
Chung King Common signChung King Common

A|UM Suture.2

December 10, 2005 6:00 pm to January 7, 2006

Opening: Saturday, December 10, 2005 at 6pm
Exhibition dates: December 10 - January 7, 2006

Suture video still

From December 10, 2005 to January 7, 2006, a|Um STUDIO will be exhibiting a networked installation at two sites, two miles apart. From the TELIC Gallery in Chinatown, SUTURE.2 will begin to control certain aspects of SUTURE, which has been installed since November 18 at the downtown SCI-Arc Gallery (960 E 3rd St). At TELIC, visitors can remotely alter parameters in the programming environment of SUTURE, observe the results, and embed themselves as participants in the project, creating another channel of feedback by which the project becomes autonomously intelligent.
Suture video still

The concept of ‘suture’, a key term in film theory, is reconfigured in a|Um STUDIO’s installation to propose a new architectural body created through event, gesture and temporality. Informed by a contemporary reconsideration of cinematic and architectural affect, the installation uses digital video as a critical lens and interface to expose the relations between humans and their environment. The two-part SUTURE project creates new forms of sense and of agency through autonomous feedback loops within the media assemblage, embedding the visitor in an intricate relational structure of gestures, objects, events, materials, and urban infrastructures, allowing them to actively reshape space and event.

“Every image, in fact, is animated by an antinomic polarity: on the one hand, images are the reification and obliteration of a gesture…. on the other hand, they preserve the dynamis intact [as in Muybridge’s snapshots or in any sports photograph.] The former corresponds to the recollection seized by voluntary memory, while the latter corresponds to the image flashing in the epiphany of involuntary memory. And while the former lives in magical isolation, the latter always refers beyond itself to a whole of which it is a part… The gesture… opens the sphere of ethos as the more proper sphere of that which is human… [and] is communication of a communicability.”

Giorgio Agamben, Means Without End.

Scott Snibbe - Visceral Cinema: Chien

September 10, 2005 6:00 pm to October 16, 2005

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Visceral Cinema: Chien re-imagines the surrealist masterpiece Un Chien Andalou, by Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel. The work combines key moments from the film with viewers’ shadows to form interactive projections. All of the action occurs in silhouette. Initially, viewers see a large video projection of a man pulling a grand piano towards the viewer. When viewers walk between the projector and the projection, their shadows affect the projected man’s actions. If a viewer moves between the man and the piano, the piano is pushed back, causing the man to strain harder and lose ground. If a viewer intersects the man, the man dissolves into ants at their point of intersection, and the ants gradually overtake the entire screen. This application of surrealist techniques to an interactive setting plays with viewers’ sense of image, representation, shadow, body, and self.

Scott Snibbe installation view

This exhibit is shown in collaboration with the Center for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts.

Ed Burton - Darwinism on a Desktop

July 29, 2005 at 7:30 pm

Ed Burton lecture photo courtesy of the IFF
They crawl, they hop, they slink and they undulate. Some roll, some fly and others unfold into complex forms from a simple triangle. These “creatures” are the products of an extraordinary evolutionary experiment that now involves more than 100,000 people worldwide. Each of these forms has been created through a program called the sodaconstructor that enables users to build models that increasingly resemble living organisms. Over the past five years a global community has brought forth from this digital mud a Cambrian explosion of species: walkers, stalkers, floaters and flyers; things that tumble and skip; simulations of spiders, crabs and starfish; monopeds, bipeds, tripeds and centipeds; self-propelling squares, and a mobius strip that turns itself inside out. This imaginary Galapagos resides on a server in the Shoreditch area of London’s east end in the office of Soda Creative, an innovative company that specializes in producing software at the boundary of art and education. (
Continue reading…

Peter Cho - Takeluma

July 16, 2005 6:00 pm to August 13, 2005

 Takeluma screenshot

Given that we have two installations with nonsensical titles opening this Saturday night, we figured it was as good a time as any to start talking about truth and meaning. (Don’t worry it’ll be quick.) In Plato’s cave, captive prisoners are convinced that the shadows they see and echoes they hear — and they’ve never seen or heard anything else — are the real thing. They see the shadow of a donkey and they call it the “donkey.” Peter Cho’s projection for his Takeluma project attempts to show the shadows cast by the hidden meaning of our spoken utterances. The artist team of Davis & Davis seem to come at it from the opposite direction. Their installation EFAC gives us the shadows and (unlike 1 Year Later, their previous installation at Telic) the artifice, drawing us in while leaving the answers as elusive as ever.

Davis & Davis - 1 Year Later

April 16, 2005 6:00 pm to May 20, 2005

 Installation detail

1 YEAR LATER is a multi-media installation conflating Robert Frank’s “Covered Car, Long Beach, CA,” Johnny Cash and Men in Black.

This project originated from a parking shortage on the Los Angeles street where artist team, Denise and Scott Davis live. In trying to preserve a parking space to return home to each day, they came up with the idea of a collapsible covered car and for inspiration, turned to Robert Frank’s 1956 photograph to create this decoy. Research into late 50’s Cadillacs led to some of the iconic figures of the time: Men in Black, who drove them; then to Johnny Cash,who drove them, sang about them and was popularly known as the Man in Black.

For this bold installation, a one-to-one scale representation of Frank’s photograph, Davis & Davis jump “one year later” in time to inhabit the scene with these characters. A 1957 model Cadillac decoy is parked and three Men in Black sit within literally undercover, but their logo, the all-seeing eye, is visible in the driver’s side rear window. They are whispering along robotically to Cash’s 1957 release, “Cry, Cry, Cry” , the lyrics to which speak of surveillance, interrogation and threat, hallmarks of Cold War domestic intelligence operations.

This collage of time, space and representational mediums creates a filmic transformation of the original starting point, this 50’s photographic scene, with an uncanny contemporary reflection.

Exhibited at TELIC in collaboration with The Center for Integrated Media at the California Institute for the Arts.

Sean Dockray - Churchillian II (Chadder)

October 23, 2004 at 6:00 pm

Installation view
George W. Bush’s 2002 State of the Union Address was described by many American pundits as “Churchillian.” Somehow, this man, whose speaking gaffes are widely known, was given credit for delivering one of the greatest speeches in modern history.

CHURCHILLIAN II (CHADDER) is an interactive sound installation that breaks this speech into its component parts and reconstructs it physically, portraying the machine behind the speech. Sean Dockray explores discarded technologies in this work to focus on the use and abuse of language in contemporary politics. His installation fills the space - visually, by a giant homemade wooden frame and, aurally, by a robotic voice run through a loud guitar amplifier.
Continue reading…

OSMAN KHAN - Sur la Table

August 16, 2003 at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

OSMAN KHAN - Sur La Table

Sur la table revisits the domestic situation of the table. Events that normally occur on/over a table (the placing of objects, hand gestures, etc…) are amplified through projection and become the basis for interactivity, ultimately changing the visitor’s relation to the table. Using a camera as input, events occurring on/over the table are projected back onto the table so that a historic timeline of events is visualized as a continuous flow of images down the table. [see video]